The End of my WoW Career

I realize it has been awhile since I have posted, but I wanted to announce that I feel I am quickly approaching the end of my World of Warcraft career.  After playing for like 6 or 7 years, I think I am finally going to call it quits after this current expansion.  That doesn’t mean I am going to quit playing MMOs or online games, not by a long shot.

In fact, the majority of my guild in WoW is looking for a change, as well.  We have discussed our options and looked at possible upcoming MMOs to sink our teeth into as a guild.  I’m excited about trying new things.  Currently, we have our Steam guild group set up to stay in contact with folks who may have already left the game.  This way we can play around with free to play or other multiplayer games.  The one thing we have all decided on is that we want to continue to game together in the future.

One of the main reasons I have stuck with WoW *this* long is because of the people in my guild.  They are really great people, and you don’t run across this many great people together very often.  I have been proud to call them friends and go into battle with them and even beat all the end game content consistently.  No matter what…I’ll always remember the thrill of panic healing as a disc priest.  Cheers Blizzard!  Thanks for all the memories!



Last night, my 10 man raid ventured into Throne of the Thunder King for the first time.  I was excited!  We blew through first boss after just a few attempts.  Then we wiped a bunch on the less than amusing “bridge boss” trash.  Then, it was on to Horridon.

We’d all read that Horridon is a pretty tough fight and not a lot of guilds have beat him yet.  So I don’t think we were expecting to down him immediately.  However, we made a lot of progress, and we were getting better and better each attempt.  The third door started giving us trouble because I was the only disease cleanser in the raid.  I was doing the best I could, but man that 8 second cooldown is rough.  People were supposed to be kiting their adds so they weren’t getting hit and thus getting the disease.  The kiting would go well for awhile and then all of a sudden 5 people would get hit at once.  The diseases would start stacking up and my raid leader was yelling at me to get them cleansed.  *sigh*  I couldn’t figure who had the most stacks of disease because decursive wasn’t exactly doing a great job of pointing that out to me.  I know what I’m going to do next time and that’s just cleanse the people taking the most damage and be done with it.  

Afterwards, I was just so flustered.  Maybe I’m not cut out for this anymore because  I certainly didn’t leave that raid feeling very good about myself.  Oh well…soldiering on I guess. 😦

Happy Birthday, Kassidy!

My daughter turned 3 today.  Time certainly does fly.  3 years ago today, I had just given birth to her.  I remember being unbearably tired and yet relieved that things were over with finally.  It’s hard to remember her being that small anymore.

Yesterday, we had her birthday party.  It was princess themed, of course.  She’s really into all the princess stuff now.  Cinderella is really the only princess she knows much about, but we have years to watch the rest of those movies lol.  She’s also really getting into Tinkerbell.  So we bought her all the Tinkerbell movies and she got a Tinkerbell doll.  She really loved all the new toys she got, and she’s played with all of them extensively already.  We’ve read all the new books she got too.

Today is her actual birthday, but the weather outside was terrible so it made going anywhere kinda messy.  We had a bunch of snow and ice on the ground already and today it poured down rain a majority of the day.  Ugh!  So, we decided to take her to the McDonalds PlayLand to run around and have lunch.  It was nice to have a more easygoing day after the hustle and bustle of yesterday’s party.  I should mention that whenever we have gone to the PlayLand before, Kassidy was afraid to climb on any of it.  It’s basically just a giant tube system that you climb in and it goes up and around all over.  She was afraid to go in any of it.  She wouldn’t go beyond the entry stairs ever.  I even tried dragging her through it before and she cried the whole time.  So, she usually just runs around on the  floor and watches the other kids come down the slides and laughs at them.

Today, though, Stephen and I just sat and watched and didn’t attempt to drag her through it.  She did her usual running around on the floor.  Then all of a sudden we saw her climb into the first part of the tunnel.  We stayed sitting and watched to see what she would do.  Then some more kids came in and she got out again.  So I walked over to her and she goes, “I wanna go down the slide!”  So I said, “Do you want me to help you?”  “YES!”  So, I followed her in and when she got to the tube part that’s hard for her to crawl through I just let her try and then gave her a lil push and a couple older girls helped her up the rest of the way lol.  Then she sat up in the next part for quite awhile, and Stephen eventually had to show her how to go down the slide.

Eventually, she got to the point where she was doing it all by herself.  She would crawl up the tube by herself albeit slowly and then go down the slide by herself.  Then it was just her continually going in a circle…climb up, slide down.  Then Stephen and I started clearing off our table and talking about getting ready to leave.  When we went over to grab her she wasn’t anywhere to be seen in her regular circle.  One of the older girls said she had climbed up higher, but the girl couldn’t talk her into coming down for us.  So Stephen had to climb way up in the top somewhere and get her down lol.

Kinda funny how she can just grow up in the space of 30 minutes right before your eyes and do something she’s never done before and even take it step further after that.  Those are the things I live to see her do. 🙂

A Kickstarter Addiction

I believe it was last Spring that I was first introduced to  The idea is that you back projects from music and games to community projects.  You can support at all sorts of different monetary levels.  Each level offers different bonuses/benefits or swag for supporting the project.  It’s the swag that reels you in, of course.

I’ve supported five kickstarters thus far.  I received my very first kickstarter piece back in November just before Thanksgiving.  It’s a pretty high quality board game called Pirate Dice by Gryphon Games that I haven’t gotten the chance to play yet but hopefully will soon. 🙂

IMG_2000 IMG_2001


Anyways, backing a project is pretty simple.  Each project has a timeframe to receive the amount of money needed to make the project successful.  If you pledge a project and the project is unsuccessful, you are not out the money you pledged.  In fact, you aren’t charged a dime until a successful project has reached its target date.  There are apparently other sites out there for this type of thing, but I enjoy kickstarter because it seems to be the most popular and thus more likely to have successfully backed projects.

Just Another Day…

Well, only two more days and then it’s back to work.  I have to admit that teaching does have its perks.  Two week holiday breaks are nice, and now I’m looking forward to Spring Break. 🙂

Today, I took down the Christmas tree finally.  My daughter asked me why and I said because Christmas was over and she had a frowny face.  She really really likes the tree.  I have to admit that I’m sad to see the season go too.  It’s such a magical time of year to have a child in your home.  As I was putting everything away I was thinking that the next time I put the tree up, she will be almost 4 years old.  She’s growing up so fast.

I also attempted to play the Memory card game with her today.  She got it for Christmas and we hadn’t broken into yet.  So I opened it to discover that it must have like 25 matches.  There are a ton of cards.  Way too many for her when she’s trying to understand the game.  Since I already had them out and she was expecting to play I couldn’t really start going through and taking some away.  So we played with all of them until she got tired of playing.  Then I went through and took out about 8 matches.  She didn’t want to play again so soon, but at least it will be easier for her to find a match next time. 🙂

Tonight, the hubby and I cuddled on the couch and caught up on some tv shows.  It was nice and something that I wished happened more often than it does.


Ender’s Game

When I’m not playing World of Warcraft or hanging out with my daughter and wonderful husband, I read a lot of books.  Of course, sometimes the hubby and I hang out while we’re both reading books.  Nothing like quietly snuggled up in bed together while our minds our worlds apart.  We both read science fiction/fantasy almost exclusively.  We’re huge geeks.

Last week while on our Christmas vacation to visit my husband’s side of the family I finally got to read…


I’d been wanting to read Ender’s Game for some time.  It was mentioned lots of times in college by friends and acquaintances.  My husband has mentioned it a lot recently because of the theatrical release upcoming this year.  Well, my husband finally bought a new copy because he said I simply just had to read it finally.  I relented since I had just finished up Patrick Rothfuss’s amazing The Wise Man’s Fear (which is absolutely worth it’s own post later on).  I’ll try not to give up too much about the book beyond a bit of a synopsis.  Besides the point of this post is to get you to want to read it yourself.

My first plea to get you to read the book is that it’s only a mere 324 pages long.  You won’t put it down and it’s an easy read.  Heck, I finished it in just a couple days, and I’m the slow reader in the family.

If you grew up a geek, the egghead of the class, the straight A student, and other people mocked you for it you have a good idea of what our protagonist goes through in this book.  Ender isn’t just smart, though, he’s powerful in his confidence.  I can see where any teenage geek reading this would be inspired by Ender.  It screams at those kids to be confident and to stand up for themselves.  It reminds us that it’s the geniuses who run the world.  I wish I had read this book earlier in life.  It’s a good book for growing up, and I understand why they put this book in the young adult section now.

I hope you get a chance to read it and if you have already then maybe share your thoughts on it too.

Potty Training: The Continuing Saga

After an all dry day on Monday, I couldn’t really expect Tuesday to be the same.  Especially since she didn’t have a BM all Monday which meant there would definitely be one on Tuesday.  So that happened Tuesday morning and she also wet herself again in the afternoon.  In all, she only went on the potty once yesterday.  However, we did sort of interrupt her in the afternoon because we had to go to the store to get groceries so had to throw a diaper on her for that.

Today, we went out for lunch with my parents and some extended family.  So that limited our morning underwear time.  However, I put her in underwear directly after her nap.  We made some pudding together and ate it, and then I had her sit on the potty.  After she sat down on the potty I went into the kitchen to get her a drink and she stood up while I was in the fridge said, “Momma!  I did it!”  That was really fast!  She is really getting the hang of going right after she sits down.  I really hope she continues her progress.  I really want to send her to daycare next week in underwear so she keep practicing there. 🙂